Welcome to my website

I am an artist with a background in nursing, health research and community, adult and higher education teaching in visual arts, illustration and health-based subjects.

Gillian Hebblewhite

As part of this new website I will be sharing with you:

Abstract drawing ‘Shell’ using mindful techniques

My artwork and journey as an artist

The links between visual arts and your wellbeing / quality of life and how you can improve your own wellbeing by engaging with the visual arts

Visual art-based exercises, techniques and tips to help you to continue to develop as a visual artist or begin your own journey as a visual artist

What inspires me: from individual artists and movements to vintage objects and collections, nature, typography, design, places of aesthetic interest and much more

Coming soon….

In 2021 I decided to focus on my own artwork and share my experience, knowledge and interest in art and wellbeing to support others.

Gillian Hebblewhite


  hours  minutes  seconds


Official Opening

As part of this new website I will be sharing with you my work:

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