How to Analyse Artwork: A Step by Step Guide

This is a step by step guide to help you analyse visual artwork. Analysing art is a rewarding activity and a tried and tested way to help you develop as a visual artist...

The Pros and Cons of Submitting to an Open Exhibition

Read this pros and cons list for submitting to open exhibitions to help you to decide if they are the right option for you and what to consider if you are thinking of submitting to one.

A Guide to Blind Contour Drawing

Learn what blind contour drawing is, how it can help you improve your own artwork and follow a step by step guide to start your own blind contour drawing.

A Guide to Keeping a Reflective Art Journal

Being able to reflect is a fundamental part of learning and reflective practice is an invaluable tool to help artists develop their confidence, practice, self-awareness, identity and much more. This guide explains what a reflective art journal is, the benefits of keeping one and how you can start your own.