Exhibiting at Beverley Art Gallery’s 23rd Annual Open Art Exhibition 2022 to 2023

This is my painting 'Submerge' being exhibited at the 23rd Annual Open Art Exhibition 2022 - 2023 at Beverley Art Gallery.

Acrylic Landscape Painting on a Black Solid Underpainting

Starting with a solid black underpainting, see this landscape painting of rural Cambridgeshire fields take shape.

What is a Cabinet of Curiosities?

An introduction to cabinets of curiosities, what they contained, what their purposes were and why they fell out of fashion in the late 18th Century.

The Far Away: Exploring Abandoned Virtual Environments

The Far Away, DreamWorld North was one of the first places I stumbled upon when I returned to Second Life in 2021 to explore abandoned places, isolated landscapes, the old and decaying and forgotten corners of virtual worlds as part of a cyber-landscape art project I’d been thinking about...

A Guide to Blind Contour Drawing

Learn what blind contour drawing is, how it can help you improve your own artwork and follow a step by step guide to start your own blind contour drawing.

Reflections on Exhibiting at the Ferens Art Gallery’s Open Exhibitions 2002 and 2022: Would I Submit Work Again to an Open Exhibition?

This blog reflects on exhibiting at the Ferens Art Gallery Open Exhibition 2002 and 2022 and considers whether I would submit work to an open exhibition again.

Praying Mantis Character Illustration Work: From Initial Contour Drawing to Final Illustrations

This blog shows my finished illustrations in mixed media (Oils and pencil) that came from a rough contour sketch of a praying manta character in a sketchbook that I drew years ago

Creating my own 2D Cabinet of Curiosities on Canvas

One day, while I was painting something completely different, I decided to create my own cabinet of curiosities using printed collage pieces of rare, unusual and intriguing objects I had collected on Pinterest