Acrylic Landscape Painting on a Black Solid Underpainting

Starting with a solid black underpainting, see this landscape painting of rural Cambridgeshire fields take shape.

Praying Mantis Character Illustration Work: From Initial Contour Drawing to Final Illustrations

This blog shows my finished illustrations in mixed media (Oils and pencil) that came from a rough contour sketch of a praying manta character in a sketchbook that I drew years ago

Abstract Biomorphic Drawing and Painting Project September 2021

This blog shows the stages of an abstract biomorphic drawing and painting completed in September 2021.

Wood Engravings by Gertrude Hermes

Gertrude Hermes is regarded as one of the most highly acclaimed British printmakers of her generation but her non-existent desire for fame and the ‘fickle nature of the art world’ meant she had faded into obscurity up until recently. I only discovered Gertrude Hermes' work by chance in 2017. I've put together a collection of… Continue reading Wood Engravings by Gertrude Hermes