Praying Mantis Character Illustration Work: From Initial Contour Drawing to Final Illustrations

This blog shows my finished illustrations in mixed media (Oils and pencil) that came from a rough contour sketch of a praying manta character in a sketchbook that I drew years ago

Creating my own 2D Cabinet of Curiosities on Canvas

One day, while I was painting something completely different, I decided to create my own cabinet of curiosities using printed collage pieces of rare, unusual and intriguing objects I had collected on Pinterest

Abstract Biomorphic Drawing and Painting Project September 2021

This blog shows the stages of an abstract biomorphic drawing and painting completed in September 2021.

Lift-the-Flap Mouse and Cheese Mock Up Illustration

This lift-the-flap illustration happened by accident when I found a small piece of bright yellow card that reminded me of the colour of cheese you get in cartoons...